Tensley C. Cheeks


tensleyTensley C. Cheeks “A man after Yahweh’s own heart” received a call upon his life to preach, teach, and evangelize the Word of Yahweh to men, women, and youth in the surrounding Upstate in 1999. Tensley Cheeks is the  Founder of Royal Priesthood Family Outreach Ministry. He believes the Kingdom of Yahweh is now, and that we are ruling and operating in the invisible Kingdom manifesting on earth.

He is passionately committed to his foundation of the Apostolic teaching. For this purpose, teaching the characteristics and fundamentals of what apostolic stands for, built in the apostles and prophets, Yahshua Messiah being the Chief Cornerstone.

Tensley Cheeks’ unique teaching skills, rare sense of compassion towards society, and unbelievable insights, are essential qualities of a spiritual leader. He is committed to reaching a diverse culture of people and empowering them through training and equipping the saints for the work of ministry. He is a man of godly character who teaches Yahweh’s people dignity, integrity, honor, and respect towards Yahweh and humanity. It is his desire to instruct the people of Yahweh to love and worship the Messiah with their entire being; and to educate the importance of advancing the Kingdom of Yahweh in the earth.

Tensley Cheeks is the husband of (Only Lady!) Charlene Cheeks, and the father of his two daughters Hannah and Bethany.

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